Bezopasnost i ekologiya, OOO

Bezopasnost i ekologiya (Engl. Safety and ecology) is a vendor and dustributor of entire spectrum of modern equipment for prevention and control of emergencies, gas detecting devices and systems and other industrial, fire and personal protection equipment.

Our 15 years experience of delivering most innovatory solutions whcih are trusted all over the world and which people rely on the most extreme situations no matter of application they use it, made our corpoate culture and customer relationship conception when safety and guarantee of technical excellence are coupled with individual approach to the client.

We scrupulously come to an object of supplier selection and run business only with the most reliable ones.


Solutions for personal, environmental, in-plant and industrial safety.
We deliver modern and relaible stationary and portable gas detection systems, respiratory protection units, personal protection equipment, firefighting equipment, hydraulic rescue tools, pneumatic rescue equipment, pumps for hazardoud mediums, thermal cameras, equipment for safety at hights, power supply units, compressors, emergency lighting units and many more.

"Safety is not just a word" - is our guiding principle and our mission. Wherever they are deployed – industry, emergency services, people live protection or anything else.


Melezha 1-1201
220113 Minsk, Republic of Belarus
 +375 17 268-50-75
 +375 17 268-50-75