Модуль батарейный VarioGard

Модуль батарейный VarioGard

The Drager VarioGard® Battery Module is an accessory to the Drager VarioGard® gas warning system. In the event of a power failure, it ensures that the Drager VarioGard® system can continue to measure and give alarms for a period of approximately two hours.


Monitored availability
The operating status of the Drager VarioGard Battery Module is monitored by the Drager VarioGard central unit. An operating lamp signals that the capacity of the Drager VarioGard Battery Module is at least 25 percent, while internal electronics control the recharging of the lead-acid batteries and protect them from total discharge.

Replaceable lead-acid batteries
The Drager VarioGard Battery Module is available as a wall-mounted unit. The leadacid batteries need to be ordered separately. A set of lead-acid batteries comprises two batteries, each with 12 V / 7.2 Ah.

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