Модуль преобразователя VarioGard

Модуль преобразователя VarioGard

The Dräger VarioGard® Converter Module is an accessory to the Dräger VarioGard® gas warning system. It can be installed at any point within a bus system for the connection of analog transmitters.


Universal analog and digital interfaces
Four input channels are available for any 4 to 20 mA transmitters. Each channel can be individually configured with regard to unit of measurement, alarms, displays and allocated relay outputs. External switches and keys to request e.g. alarm suppression, manual alarm triggering and alarm acknowledgment can be read by binary switching contacts via four digital inputs.

Supply voltage
The Dräger VarioGard Converter Module is powered via the Dräger VarioGard bus line. The connected transmitters can be designed as either two-wire or three-wire as required. If a higher power level is needed for the transmitters, a separate external power supply unit can be connected.

Easy installation
The Dräger VarioGard Converter Module can be easily fitted to a DIN rail in a control cabinet using rail mount clips. For field installation, a suitable housing is available as a wall-mounting conversion kit.

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